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  • Manufactured using injection technology with advances plastic substances
  • Hermetic brake locking
  • Adjustable Footrest
  • All the metal parts are made from stainless steel
  • An option for a rigid suitcase
  • An option for a chamber pot


Be Spontaneous

Wheelable is an innovative, folding, lightweight and independently operated product that enables you to reach places to which you never dared to go previously.

Wheelable enables you a longer sojourn in familiar places and the possibility of using regular toilets and bathrooms in new places

Wheelable enables you occupational independence, going to meetings, travelling to hotels and prolonged sojourns at conferences and exhibitions

Wheelable connects you with people whome you love and enables you to visit friends and family, to sojourn with them for a longer period and even to stay over for the night

  • This chair enables safe passage from chair to chair and is convenient
  • Folding and assembling can be performed by the user while sitting as well
  • The small foldd dimensions enable the chair's availability for any purpose

Specification drawings of the WheelAble

Options and Accessories of the WheelAble

Carrying Case

Removable Pan

Upholstered Seat

Wheelable - Recheck Your Limits

Wheelable Overview